Embrace Being Human,
Cure your Human.
In the business of being, BEING human at work.


You’ve reached this opportunity and gift to embrace being human, to cure your human.

May your exploration into CuraHuman spark our values of belonging, whole-heartedness, love, curiosity, boldness, to care for yourself in the best self-leadership.

Grateful for your gift of knowledge, power, and inspiration! Choiceness is your every day excellence.

Once you cure your human you can confidently experience "When wisdom enters your heart And knowledge becomes pleasant to your soul".

CuraHuman Values:

Belonging | Whole-Heartedness | Love | Curiosity | Boldness | Care

CuraHuman embraces being human at work by taking your most vulnerable energy and repurposing it through trust, innovation, and channeling it to authentic leadership. Coaching gets you to the best version of yourself so you can lead others in harmony.

Embrace Belonging:

We believe that each person has inherent value and is meant to exist fully.

Embody Whole-Heartedness:

We believe in sincerity and commitment to self, then others.

Express Agape Love:

We believe in mindful and principled love in all aspects.

Emit Curiosity:

We believe that thoughtful and meaningful change is possible with the desire to learn.

Exude Boldness:

We believe willingly and courageously taking risks together elevates all of us as a team.

Embed Care:

We believe that genuine heartfelt concern for others moves us to become our best human.

The benefit of CuraHuman is that they prioritize the human in curating a business solution that generates harmony at work. CuraHuman co-creates a better future and business with you at what ever stage of growth you and your business is at.

At the heart of caring human CuraHuman's value proposition is as a small business tailored integrated leadership coaching and fractional HR services. CuraHuman is about cultivating and caring for your whole human, especially at work to transform cultures.

The Value Proposition is the Exquisite Being Experience (EBX) "when wisdom enters your heart and knowledge becomes pleasant to your soul".

Speaking Engagement/Events


We’re gearing up to announce a series of upcoming events that align perfectly with our mission of cultivating workplace productivity and engagement within underserved communities. These events promise to enrich and empower, specifically tailored for the brilliant minds of small business owners, nonprofit professionals, and leaders like you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate and grow with us—make sure to check in regularly for the latest information!

Past Speaking Topics Include: Emerging Leaders (early career, college students), Emerging Leaders (HR Professionals).

Upcoming Future Speaking Topics Include: Fractional Executive Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Being a Chronic-Suite Leader.

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Independent/Individual Pathway

CuraHuman provides customized service to the following independent/individuals: Employee, HR professional, Mid-Level Manager, New Hire, Board Member, C-suite leader, Current Leader, Potential Leader, and Small Business Owner.