CuraHuman specializes in offering bespoke services tailored to empower a diverse array of professionals and organizations. We provide strategic support to individuals, including employees, HR professionals, managers at all levels, new hires, board members, C-suite executives, current and potential leaders, as well as small business owners.

Independent/Individual Pathway

CuraHuman provides customized service to the following independent/individuals: Employee, HR professional, Mid-Level Manager, New Hire, Board Member, C-suite leader, Current Leader, Potential Leader, and Small Business Owner. 

Team/Group/Organizational Pathway

CuraHuman provides customized service to the following organization/groups: Nonprofit professionals and small business owners.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


CuraHuman encourages sponsorship from corporations, foundations, and other funding sources to make coaching accessible to all. With your sponsorship, CuraHuman can do its most impactful work for people in our nonprofit sector and small business community. 

Any limiting beliefs?

The CH Litmus Test is a quick self-examination to see if you can benefit from a partnership with CuraHuman.

Close your eyes this is about you, the human. The carbon hydrogen or C-H are bonds that make us who we are and generate energy. These are the binds within yourself and others worth strengthening.

Consider the bonds you are forming and their strength:

Are you open to giving?

Are you open to receiving?

Are you BEING your best self?

Do you believe in the leader you are?

Have you ever explored self-leadership?

Is the culture or organization as a department of one, as a team, as a scaling organization where it needs to be to grow your business?

Do you want or desire a Human Resources Business Partner to relieve you of a hat in the business you rather not wear?

Do you have Board Members that are failing to support your nonprofit effectively? Or perhaps stakeholders that are failing to support your business effectively?

Do you want your staff to have access to Human Resources support on a limited as needed basis?

Are you desirous of a custom Human Resources expert to explore the unique needs of your business maybe seeking a fractional Chief Human Resources Officer?

Can you imagine the productivity for you or your team in having a Human Resources Business Partner cocreating a People Strategy that gets you to your business goals?


In coaching, none of our questions are binary yes or no. Though this is an important initial list to determine if you have a desire to become better.  If you answered these questions you are in a place to benefit from coaching, well some may have expected that  I would have presented these questions, wanting those who answered yes or those that no. In reality it does not matter what you say in response to these questions , the most powerful leaders are not afraid of self reflection and inner work. If you are prepared to pursue that inner work for leadership book time with me. Similarly if you know that your leaders your teams or your staff need an HR partner, reach out to CuraHuman.