Independent/ Individual

Lightkeeper Leadership
Curator (LLC) Coaching:

Ideal for any individual who is embracing personal transformation at work seeking to show up as a better leader. It is most impactful for those choosing to invest in themselves. Carbon Hydrogen Bonding is considered the strongest organic/natural chemical atomic bond in existence. LLC Coaching is creating, strengthening, and reinforcing your CH bonds.

Know Yourself:

The Know Yourself CH^3 Individual Pathway is a deep dive on your knowledge of self.

  • 1:1 Coaching with CALC Coach
  • Chemistry Coach Call 
  • Connect biweekly with Coach for 1 hour session
  • Self Awareness with your own selected tool
  • Email Support
  • Goal Setting
  • Reactivate Choiceness

Love Yourself:

The Love Yourself CH^3 Individual Pathway is a deep dive on application of knowledge to self.

  • Everything in the Know Yourself Package
  • Accelerated Growth
  •  Cultivate CuraSkills

(HR Advising Session):

This is a provision to give any employee peace of mind and a strategy for moving forward in decision making at work. Ideal for any employee that is uncomfortable approaching HR internally or is seeking an HR advocate that is neutral on various HR topics (ie. Managing Up, Leave Options, Benefits, Courageous Conversations, and others).

Getting Familiar with HR:

Ideal for getting the facts (ie. Employee Rights, Navigating Workplace Situations).

Applying what you know:

Ideal for exploring applying HR knowledge you already have (ie. Managing Up, Interpersonal Relationships, Situational, and Managing).

Being Your Own Boss:

Ideal for empowering informed decision making with HR knowledge and application  (ie. Courageous Conversations, Leave Options, Benefits).

Share the Cura:
(Human Rewards Program):

CuraHuman is transforming culture one person at a time. Anyone can anonymously recommend or suggest a person (including coworker, manager, direct report, board member etc) for coaching. This is your opportunity to gift awareness in knowledge and power to those that can benefit the most.