At Curahuman we believe every exquisite being in the world contributes to the success of a community goal with their whole selves and we reactivate choiceness to care for your human.

Our culture at CuraHuman includes demonstrating these values: Embrace Belonging, Embody Whole Heartedness, Express Agape Love, Emit Curiosity, Exude Boldness and Embed Care. 

Chief Human and Choiceness Coach, Coach Chelsea created CuraHuman in June 2023. CH^3 is Chief Human at CuraHuman, Coaching Human.

CuraHuman embraces being human at work by taking your most vulnerable energy and repurposing it through trust, innovation, and channeling it to authentic leadership. Coaching gets you to the best version of yourself so you can lead others in harmony.

CuraHuman Values

Belonging | Whole-Heartedness | Love | Curiosity | Boldness | Care

Embrace Belonging:

We believe that each person has inherent value and is meant to exist fully.

Embody Whole-Heartedness:

We believe in sincerity and commitment to self, then others.

Express Agape Love:

We believe in mindful and principled love in all aspects.

Emit Curiosity:

We believe that thoughtful and meaningful change is possible with the desire to learn.

Exude Boldness:

We believe willingly and courageously taking risks together elevates all of us as a team.

Embed Care:

We believe that genuine heartfelt concern for others moves us to become our best human.

CuraHuman combines a powerful experience primarily through leadership coaching and secondarily through fractional HR services. The values encompass the power of CH bonding within oneself. Chief Human inspires the Exquisite Being Experience (EBX).

Fractional human resources (HR) is sometimes referred to as part-time HR, outsourced HR or interim HR. The term “fractional” implies that you are getting all the benefits of a regular head of HR or team tailored to the needs of a small to medium-sized organization. A fractional employee is a self-employed individual offering niche or advanced experience to several different employers during a work week.


Choiceness Celestial Coach Chelsea
Ellysa C. Smith

As Chief Human at CuraHuman, I Coach Human. I choose to embrace being human leading with trust, then innovation. My work is going to foster better leadership at all levels curating, engaging, and lightkeeping culture at work. It starts with the individual who is willing to be vulnerable, face uncertainty, and cure their human to show up as their best self. This celestial work has flourished with an active life in Human Resources and service or care for others. I am CALC-Certified Authentic Leadership Coach, using the CH^3 method for the Exquisite Being Experience (EBX) we discover the bonding wisdom of self-leadership.


Cure your Human today!

Contact Chief Human for coaching and fractional HR services. You’re a good human, let’s make you a great human and an even better leader.